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Boost your revenue with Proxi, the smart living management tool specializing in automated management efficiency, exceptional student experience and an always connected lifestyle — all while saving you time and money.

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Automated Management Efficiency

Proxi is property management made easy. Give your staff time back in their day by automating maintenance, the resident turn, rent collection and more.

Exceptional Student Experience

Better engage your residents and make it easy to digitally pay rent, ask for maintenance, unlock a door and stay connected to the community from anywhere on campus.

Connected Lifestyle

Future-proof your building with WiFi, resident services and the Internet of Things for residents cost savings and new revenue streams.

Your property looks
smarter already.

Rent collection for the digital age

No more checks! Pay digitally through the Proxi app. Automatic rent reminders ensure you get paid on time, every time. Roommates splitting rent? Multiple parents paying? No problem.

Automate Property Management

Save your staff time and de-stress residents during the move-in and move-out process with digital inspections. Automate preventative maintenance scheduling and resident communication.

The white glove treatment

The Proxi care team is here for you and your residents from setup to 24/7 tech support. New services and amenities brought to your front door.

Earn the retention victory lap

Nothing’s worse than a bad roommate, solve that with AI roommate matching. Communicate and engage students where they’re already at – their smartphone.

Best in class security & efficiency

Hassle-free access control with integrated smart locks and building entry. Smart thermostats and lighting save energy and appeal to the environmentally conscious generation.

Community Engagement and Communication

  • Instant Chat — Streamline communication with students and staff through real time messaging.
  • Maintenance — Send and receive notification of maintenance requests and get real time alerts to track your status.
  • Events — Plan events to engage residents and build a friendly community.
  • Flexible Surveys — Easily crowd-source the questions you want answers to the most.

Digital Payments & Billing

  • Parent Funded — Give residents and guardians the ability to pre-load credits into their payment balance so multiple months can be paid immediately.
  • Shared Payments — Easily split rent and automate payments each month to multiple roommates ensuring everyone pays their part on time.
  • Credits & Incentives — Reward great residents. Landlords and property managers can credit students for completed tasks, volunteer efforts, clean inspections and more.

Check-in & Check-out Inspection

  • Save Staff Time —Checking in and Checking out 100’s of students at once is a time burden. Automated inspections simplify and document the process saving 15 – 30 mins per turn.
  • Happier Students AND Parents — De-stress parents and students with automated digital inspections that simplifies the move-in and move-out process.
  • Set the Record Straight —Keep digital records of the wear and tear of your units over time from periodic inspections. Identify problem residents earlier.

Roommate Matching AI

  • Ensure Resident Happiness — Instantly match residents with their input, social data and AI for a more harmonious living experience.
  • Reduce Roommate Switching — Having to find someone a new place to live because of a bad roommate match is costly.
  • Increase Resident Retention —Did we just become best friends? Earn the retention victory lap by better connecting the community.

WiFi as a Utility

  • Instant Connectivity — Create the ultimate no-hassle connected experience. Proxi provides a fully managed WiFi and Bluetooth network to future proof your building.
  • Cyber Security — Stay digitally secure from cyber attacks with Proxi WiFi throughout your building.
  • Connect Your Team — Provide WiFi for your entire business operation. Create private networks for residents, staff and devices.
  • Bluetooth IoT Network — The foundation for Proxi’s IoT system allows use of any future integration with full-range IoT devices.

Smart Add-ons

  • Access Control Locks —Go keyless and unlock your doors via fob or smart phone. Send digital keys to guests and maintenance staff to simplify building access while securing the facility.
  • Smart Thermostats —Stop paying a fortune for utilities because the AC or Heating runs all the time.
  • Smart Lights — Does anyone turn the light off anymore? Automate lighting based on occupancy and save more on your utilities.
  • Voice Control — Make the internet of things accessible to all with voice control of your smart student housing.

The future is in your proximity

Whether you manage two units or 20,000, Proxi can help you and your students enjoy a smarter, more seamless way of living and studying. Contact Proxi today to see how easy it is to upgrade your properties for the future.

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